Improve the conversion rate of your website

"Our mission: converting more visitors into customers"

3 steps for increasing conversion rates

Understand the concerns of your visitors (what they are looking for, why they quit your site, what kind of information is missing...), then automatically trigger the right action (content optimisation, message push, special offer, coupon offer, newsletter registration...) and assess the performance of your optimisations with inbuilt AB-Testing.

You can make a big difference with BeamPulse

Detect potential areas of improvement in your web site with heatmap analysis. Take actions, and resolve the problem! No need for IT, no need to wait for someone else. Just optimize your pages (you can change anything on your web pages). Or add the right stimulation at the right place and the right time, for the right visitors. And last but not least: BeamPulse generates A/B tests so that you can monitor the effect of a change, and identify the best solution!


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Ready in 5 minutes

A simple Javascript tag (like Google Analytics) and that’s it!

Designed for e-marketers

No need for developers! BeamPulse has been desigined by e-marketers for e-marketers.

With impressive results

+35% sales uplift,
+17% add-to-cart,
+289% click-to-call!

Test it out for free

Offering 10,000 page views with no commitment.

Read what our customers say...

BeamPulse is a best of breed suite of tools made for e-marketers who want to have complete access to their web site.

Thomas Cressot

Digital Project Manager, Bouygues Telecom

"The Beampulse solution is easy to use in addition to being easy to integrate in minutes. The activation script is asynchronous, which ensures a very low impact on load times of our pages. Their SaaS and responsive platform allows anonymous viewing of how visitors interact with the pages of our sites (on PC, tablet or mobile). BeamPulse truly helps us to optimize our sites for meeting business challenges but also for improving customer experiences."

Sébastien Rentz

Vice-president, Activis

“BeamPulse, the turnkey tool that we were looking for! BeamPulse enables effective placement throughout the life of a website. In fact, the tool provides us with direct information regarding the activity of a site, not in terms of analytical information but in terms of actual website usage, and it thus increases conversion rates. This enables us to get significantly closer to our end users and to understand their expectations. Once their behaviours have been identified, the tool allows us test the hypotheses for increasing the conversion rate and to measure the effectiveness just as directly. There is no need to consult data from multiple tools at one time; BeamPulse gathers together the useful information into one place! This is a tool that will soon become indispensable in our everyday business activities, providing increased agency efficiency and much greater customer satisfaction!”

BeamPulse is a revolution in website optimization

BeamPulse is a SaaS behavioral marketing solution for web-sites. In the easiest possible way, you can observe click and scroll behaviors on your web-pages, and act on these behaviors to quickly increase your online transformation rate. Exactly like a (good) salesman in a physical store would do.

Increase your conversion rates without IT support

BeamPulse is a SaaS software with a 5 minutes setup (1 unique tag on your site’s pages). After this, e-marketing teams of an e-commerce webshop can easily manage and improve their online CRO - for “Conversion Rate Optimization” - in full autonomy. This is made possible thanks to BeamPulse extremely intuitive software, which has been (and is still) co-designed by associates from the e-commerce world, in close collaboration with our loyal customers.

Segment and engage your audience in real-time

Choose from over 30 segmentation criteria as marketing triggers to push a specific personalized content or message to the right person in real-time. In a click, choose to do and A/B testing (or not) the measure the precise impact of each action on your online conversion performance.

Responsive Heatmaps to find possible on-page improvements

BeamPulse also proposes the best value-for-money click & scroll heatmap solution. It is an in-page analytic tool that perfectly completes Analytics data by showing how visitors interact with each web page. They are full-responsive to help digital teams to improve their mobile websites & their responsive one’s. The click-maps also enable to see clicks on dynamic contents such as dynamic menus, sliders, i-frames, filters and pop-ups. You can also segment these heat-maps by visitor’s type, source and/or behavior.

Web agencies and consultants to help e-merchants for best deploying BeamPulse

Web agencies and consultants are also deeply involved and account for a consequent part of BeamPulse activity. They offer full-service packages to their clients : heatmaps audit, suggestion and implementation of A/B testing and on-site trigger marketing campaigns. It’s a good way to leverage the most added value from the software, hence improving sales and saving time for their clients. Digital agencies & consultants = economies of scale: ordering a global page-views package to a discounted price, and using it for several customers makes a lower unit price and better features for their clients. Click here to see our fares.