3 heatmaps to better optimize your website

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Following one of our client request, we have developed a new feature. We are now able to superimpose three heatmaps:

  • Click zone heatmap
  • Percentage click heatmap
  • Percentage scroll heatmap

Choose the % heatmap and tick heatmaps you want to superimpose in the drop-down menu.

This superimposition will give you an easy access to all the necessary information for the optimization of your website. In fact, BeamPulse gathers your behavioral data on a single page and therefore makes easier your daily analysis: a significant time saving!

Two benefits:

  • Save time: more information gathered on a single page.
  • These visual representations will allow you to find new ways to analyze your website.

Thanks to our client Rue du Commerce (top ten e-commerce website in France) who asked us for this new feature.

Do not hesitate to suggest any new features: contact@beampulse.com

See you soon!

The BeamPulse Team