A/B Testing tool for easy web-page optimization

BeamPulse enables Web-marketing teams to optimize their pages without IT-support.

Measure the impact of each optimization and identify winning variations thanks to built-in A/B testing.


Ready in 5 minutes

It installs in 5 minutes. Just paste one single JavaScript tag on your web-pages.

Analytics integration

Easily measure the peformance of each A/B test, in BeamPulse or in your favorite web-analytic tool.


Observe click and scroll behaviors on each page variation thanks to our outstanding Heatmaps.

Key differentiators

The simplest solution: 5 intuitive steps to create a variation in a few clicks .

In page editor

Select any page element, optimize it, and preview result in place.

Customize content

30+ segmentation criteria to display the right content to the right person.


5 easy steps for implementing.

They enjoy BeamPulse

Examples of successful A/B Testing cases :

Our intuitive interface enables marketing teams to create, monitor and measure A/B tests without IT support.
Here are some examples of client best practices :
Renaming a Call-to-action

Renaming a Call-to-action

+66% Conversion increase
Changing the color of a button

Changing the color of a button

+49% more clicks
Adding a reassurance message

Adding a reassurance message

+28% quotation requests
Renaming form entries

Renaming form entries

+13% form submissions increase
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A/B test any in-page modifications or messages with BeamPulse Software

Select any element in a web-page thanks to our intuitive page-editor, and make any change you want in a click. For example, you can change the visual, color, text, link, etc. of en existing element, or replace this content by another one (with a single copy&paste). Injecting a new content exactly where you want in the page - or remove an existing one - is also possible and very easy with BeamPulse AB testing software. Beyond in-page optimization, you can also push real-time messages to your visitors.

Personalize your content

Use our powerful behavioral segmentation as triggers to personalize the content of key pages. Examples of website triggers : current page URL, device used, traffic source, browser language, visitor’s country, cookie value, your CRM value, etc.

No need to change the code of your site’s pages

All the above mentioned modifications can be done with the single Beampulse tag on the page. No need to touch the code after this initial 5-minutes setup to carry-on your A/B tests. You can create and test changes on a page without having to create and host a new page. However, if you prefer to test 2 separate pages with distinctive URLs, you can use our Split Test feature: just indicate the 2 URLs (existing and new page) in the tool’s interface. If you chose to AB test this campaign, BeamPulse will automatically redirect 50% of the traffic to the new page, and measure the impact on conversion of page A vs. page B.

Now, anyone can use A/B testing. Its’ easy !

Beyond the vast possibilities of BeamPulse, our clients report how simple and user-friendly this SaaS solution is. Its 5-steps campaign creation process really helps. It enables anyone to design A/B testing campaigns without involving developers. A Wysiwyg editor helps to see precisely how of each action will change the navigation experience on the tested page. A “preview mode” gives an URL to watch your optimization on any internet-browser (including mobile & tablet browsers like Safari).

Reporting : exporting data to your web-analytics tool

A built-in reporting interface shows the results of each campaign. Charts show the evolution of conversion rate, performance rate, and confidence rate. You can also watch the results in your web-analytics software (Google Analytics…). In a click, you can “call” each BeamPulse campaign segment, and sort by “exposed” & “not exposed”. You can now see the precise impact of a BeamPulse message or modification on your regular KPIs.