Understand what visitors do on your website

Forget about traditionnal web-analytics!

Heatmaps use a colour scale to indicate the navigation paths visitors take on your website. See and understand intuitively what your visitors are doing on your web site. Identify the hot spots and those of little interest to your visitors, the potential bugs or sources of confusion, the areas to optimise.


Precise and targeted

Heatmaps show how visitors from different behavioral segments interact with the content of your web site. See precisely the interests of various types of visitors.

Accurate and responsive

BeamPulse takes into account all clicks and scrolls, including on sliders, dynamic menus, pop-ins, from a computer, smartphone, tablet, etc…

Key differentiators

BeamPulse is scalable (we track daily millions of visitors), light (there is no impact on navigation), smart (as smart as your web site), easy to implement (forget about IT), comprehensive (from analytics to action), responsive (works on computer, tablet, mobile), dynamic (heatmaps are updated live as dynamic elements are displayed).

See Dynamic Elements

BeamPulse's maps are able to show interactions with dynamic contents: dynamic menus, sliders, i-frames, filters, popins...

Template Heatmaps

See all the clicks (or scroll) made on your pages sharing the same template. Ex: product page, page list, search results, landing page.

Storage in Europe or US

For those who have to comply with directive 95/46/EC on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.

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Responsive heatmaps

They adapt to changing dimensions of devices and faithfully show the touchs, clicks and scrolls.
You can also segment your results per device (ie: laptop, i-pad, i-phone, mobile...)

Click density

In a summarised manner, view how thousands of people display their interest in your webpages.

The heatmaps display a colour scale of the level of interest generated by the various elements of your website. Identify the hot spots and those of little interest to your visitors, the potential bugs or sources of confusion, the areas to optimise.

Scroll depth

The scroll heat-map show what proportion (in %) of visitors view each part of the website.

View precisely how many visitors scroll to specific website content. Concentrate essential information into the areas that are most viewed by site users.

Percentages of clicks

This heat map shows the number and % of clicks on each element of a web page. It is updated in real-time for dynamic elements such as carousels, drop-down menus and filters. You can choose to display only those items that generate more than x % of clicks of the web page (between 0.1% and 10%). Thanks to segmentation, you can track clicks of visitors who converted at the end of their visit of your website.

Confetti of clicks

See exactly where users did click on a specific web page.
On one screen, compare behavioral patterns of different user segments (one color for each segment).

Visitors live

See in real-time which pages are most accessed by users of your website.

Monitor your audience in real-time. Watch how various segments of visitors navigate through your website and which pages generate the most attention.

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See what your visitors see

With BeamPulse click & scroll-maps, you can easily identify the hot spots and those of little interest, the potential bugs or sources of confusion, and the areas to optimize.

Observe the behaviour of your various visitor segments

Easily identify areas of high concentrations of clicks as well as ‘cold’ areas and thus optimise your website accordingly. The clicks that correspond to different segments are displayed using different colours.

Gain precision : See the real clicks

Contrary to Web Analytics tools, BeamPulse click-map actually measures the area of the click (and not the link). Thus, there is no accumulation between the various links on the same page. Moreover, you can see clicks on web elements that are not clickable.

Scroll-map : Optimize your pages content and length

Optimise the placement of your site content. Adjust the length of your web-pages so your visitors do not scroll to the bottom. See (ultimately) how many people are exposed to your key content / messages.