Heatmaps: How to measure click rates on a drop-down menu?

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BeamPulse’s heatmaps allow you to accurately visualize the percentage and number of clicks on each page of your website.

Unlike other existing solutions, it enables you to get significant information on every element of each webpage:

  • Watch the % and number of clicks inside dynamic elements such as drop-down menu, filter, popup, iframe and dynamic slider

Do not forget that you can use our interesting features to bring the best out of your website:

  • Choose to display only values higher than a particular limit (between 0,1% and 10% of clicks)
  • Aggregate several heatmaps (click or scroll) of similar template on a single page
  • Export your heatmaps and keep a record of it (coming soon)
  • Segment by browsing behavior and by period of time

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See you soon!

The BeamPulse Team