Introducing a new WYSIWYG editor to our AB testing tool

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BeamPulse is delighted to introduce a new WYSIWYG editor for your website. “What You See Is What You Get” means that you will see onscreen what you will get as a final result while editing your page.

This new feature offers you the ability to dive into a page and to do several changes directly on that page of your website. As a consequence, the creation of a page variation for an AB tests is much made easier for web marketing teams.

BeamPulse makes this WYSIWYG editor to enhance the ergonomics offered by the solution while keeping its simplicity of use. Thanks to this new feature, BeamPulse widens the possibilities of AB tests on a website.

Any question? Contact us if you want to know more about the WYSIWYG editor or about our AB testing tool.

See you soon,

The BeamPulse Team