The launch of BeamBlog!

Hello everyone, With more than 100 satisfied customers using the BeamPulse solution, it looks like it is the perfect timing to provide you with a sharing forum. This is a great pleasure to launch today the official BeamPulse BLOG! The goal is to share with you “in real time”: BeamPulse new features and resources Our Best Practices: A/B testing campaigns on […]

Recent successes that our clients get thanks to Trigger Marketing

Hello everyone, We want to share with you about recent successes that our clients get thanks to BeamPulse: Using a reassurance banner on the homepage about the availability of items and quick delivery, a luxury website has boosted its conversion rate: +84% of purchases thanks to this simple trick A famous Cashback website has produced […]

Heatmaps: How to measure click rates on a drop-down menu?

BeamPulse’s heatmaps allow you to accurately visualize the percentage and number of clicks on each page of your website. Unlike other existing solutions, it enables you to get significant information on every element of each webpage: Watch the % and number of clicks inside dynamic elements such as drop-down menu, filter, popup, iframe and dynamic […]

3 heatmaps to better optimize your website

Following one of our client request, we have developed a new feature. We are now able to superimpose three heatmaps: Click zone heatmap Percentage click heatmap Percentage scroll heatmap Choose the % heatmap and tick heatmaps you want to superimpose in the drop-down menu. This superimposition will give you an easy access to all the […]

Introducing a new WYSIWYG editor to our AB testing tool

BeamPulse is delighted to introduce a new WYSIWYG editor for your website. “What You See Is What You Get” means that you will see onscreen what you will get as a final result while editing your page. This new feature offers you the ability to dive into a page and to do several changes directly […]