Outstanding real-time personalization solutions for agile marketing teams

Agile Real-Time Marketing

Real-time Segmentation + Real-time Personalization

Enjoy the power of real-time segmentation and take the best of real-time personalization !
BeamPulse enables you to analyse your visitors’ behaviors, trigger actions in a couple of clicks and test your optimisation’s hypothesis.

Generating traffic is fine… Converting is better!

BeamPulse helps you boost your website conversion rate by providing an all-in-one behavioral marketing solution. Put a salesperson on your website to interact with your website’s visitors and drive them to the conversion! Rapidly and easily identify ways to optimize your website and activate actions to enhance the user experience. And you know what? You can do all of that by yourself, without any help from your IT department! It is just a tag to be installed on your website, and there you are! Get ready for an amazing real-time marketing solution!