Conversion Funnel

What are your visitors’ journeys ?
Do not guess, be sure!

Understand where you gain and where you loose visitors

Why activating a conversion funnel ?
Visualize precisely your visitors’ journeys (page by page) and rapidly identify the steps where visitors enter and leave your site. Create specific funnels to deeply analyze the forms you have on your website. Identify the best optimization’s opportunities.
Easily activate relevant actions to facilitate your visitor’s journeys and lead them to your conversion goal.

The conversion funnel by BeamPulse

Activating a conversion funnel could be one of the first steps to identify ways of optimizations. You certainly could not anticipate all the ways of entries and exits taken by your visitors. The funnel by BeamPulse is a graphical analysis feature based in a several steps process.
How to activate a conversion funnel by BeamPulse ?