Questions and answers regarding the BeamPulse online service for the sales and marketing management of websites.

Technical Questions | Sales Questions

FAQ – Technical Questions

Can it be activated on HTTPS sites?

Yes. BeamPulse adapts automatically.

Can it be activated on password protected webpages?

Yes. All pages can be activated, including on Intranets.

Can it be activated on multiple domains?

Yes. You can create one project per domain (depending on your subscription type).

Does it work on tablets?

Yes. BeamPulse is compatible with all devices.

Can it analyse dynamic menus?

Yes. Clicking on the Refresh button (on the banner at the bottom of the page) disables the heatmap in progress and gives you 5 seconds to display dynamic content.

Can it aggregate data from a number of similar pages?

Yes. For example, it is possible to generate a heatmap that corresponds to the activity on all pages that are derived from a single page template (for example a product data sheet). See Aggregated Values (depends on your type of subscription).

Can it import user profiles from my CRM?

Yes. Use the Business Values (depends on your type of subscription).

Does BeamPulse slow down the loading time of my website?

No. Your visitors will not detect any slowdown. Your activation script is completely asynchronous; it has no impact on the loading time of your website.

Does BeamPulse store any personal data?

No. BeamPulse does not store any personal data.

Why is the number of visits different from that of Google Analytics?

Everything here is a question of definition. BeamPule considers a visit as having ended after 10 minutes of inactivity, while Google Analytics waits 30 minutes.

The number of visits also depends upon the sampling rate.

I know the number of visitors to my site, but how do I estimate the number of page visits?

On average, a site visitor views 3 pages. Start with the free trial and proceed later to a paid plan if you have no idea of your level of site traffic.

FAQ – Sales Questions

Can I activate more than one million pages per month?

Yes. BeamPulse can activate millions of pages. Contact us for a personalised offer.

What will happen when my monthly quota is exceeded?

BeamPulse disables the acquisition of new data. It is always possible to generate heatmaps for previously stored data.

BeamPulse will be automatically reactivated at the start of the next term or if you request an immediate account recharge (in your account on the dashboard).

Can I pay by cheque or bank transfer?

Only for volume purchases in excess of the online offer.