The optimization of a website is always in the web marketer’s mind. How about rapidly identify the elements of your website that you should optimize? That’s easy like BeamPulse, thanks to all the analytic tools. BeamPulse enables you to understand the behavior of your visitors.

Optimization with the Heatmaps by BeamPulse

Among the different behavioral analytic tools, let’s focus on the Heatmap Player. The heatmaps of BeamPulse help you obtain a maximum of analytic data. Optimization is only possible if you understand the behavior of your visitors. You can thus get information re usable in other analytic tools (such as Google Analytics). All these information enable you to adapt the user experience.

BeamPulse offers the widest range of analytic heatmaps, with for example:

  • The clicks heatmap. This shows the interest generated by all the elements of a webpage. It is also useful to identify the zones which are interesting (or not) for your visitors.
  • The scroll heatmap. This heatmap shows the scroll depth on each of your webpages. You can thus optimize the place of the important information.

On top of these heatmaps, BeamPulse analytic tools include confetti heatmap, clicks percentage heatmap, value heatmap…


The Heatmap Player

BeamPulse provides a Heatmap Player to go even deeper in the identification of optimization area. This Heatmap Player reads sequences coming from heatmaps exports. You can therefore visualize the evolution of your heatmaps in a timelapse. Seeing the differences of the clicks zones day after day is made easy.  You thus understand which content is relevant or not. With the Heatmap Player, you can identify the changes over the time. This can be done when you create specific content for events. These events can be launched by BeamPulse marketing actions with campaigns. What’s more, you can follow the behavior of your visitors following an event for which you have created specific content (Christmas, sale…). You can directly visualize wether your operation has generated more or less clicks.

Example: the cannibalization


Web marketers often wonder whether the contents are in a good place. Optimization is always important, but how make it real? Let’s see the video example. These heatmap player sequences show us a product cannibalizing other products. Indeed, wherever I place a TV set in my webpage, it is always this product that attracts the most clicks. You want to set up an offer or boost the sales of another product? You should rather not put it aside a TV set.

The heatmap player helps you identify rapidly optimization areas that you could not see otherwise.

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