Let the Sun shine in your website

Analyze deeply your visitors’ journeys!

Why should I use this amazing Sunburst?
Intuitively understand your visitors’ journeys and behavior.
Analyse huge amounts of information collected during the visits.
Analyse quicker than with classical tools. Understand how to optimize your website
The Sunburst is an intuitive tool made to explore mass of data structured in sequences. 

Websites are built following a defined structure. The Sunburst uses the way your traffic is split in this structure which is defined by groups of pages. For example we can create these kind of group of pages: products, home, search…
The Sunburst can be colored following a color scale – just like a heatmap – in order to represent values (Business KPIs).

Choose your analysis axis:
by segments, abandon,
values, generic…
Here are only a few examples of what you can visualize and analyze with our amazing Sunburst:

  • Where do my visitors go when they arrive on my website?

  • After which journeys do my visitors have more than 50% chance to quit my site?

  • What is my conversion rate and its evolution?

  • How many visits go to conversion and what is the evolution?

  • What are the visitors’ behaviours who generate the most/less conversions?

  • Does a visit starting by the « homepage » generate more money than a visit starting by « product »?