Testing Solutions

You think your optimization idea is the best solution? Let’s test your hypothesis first...

Validate your hypothesis with A/B Testing

Which content change is best?
Abandon belief and guess. Compare performances of variations and then base your decisions on real facts. 50% of your segment (or your total audience) will be submitted to the Variation A, and 50% to the Variation B. Rely on performances results to make the good decisions.

Test any modification, measure it, and then put in production

You have identified a way to optimize your webpage thanks to our analysis solutions? Determine your segment and have a look at our amazing range of actions. So now, how can you be sure that your idea will be the good one, leading more visitors till your conversion goal ? Only an A/B Test will confirm that your idea was the good one!

Ok, the A/B testing is great but how do I empower its benefits ?