Are you looking for a performing analytic tool? Do you want to rapidly visualize the behavior of your visitors with heatmaps? And how about taken into account your own business KPIs?

The BeamPulse behavioral marketing solution includes analysis tools, such as heatmaps, in which you can add your own information and conversion goal.

The values heatmaps can be used on top of other heatmaps (scroll, clicks, confettis). This gives you more information such as the participation of each element of a webpage to the achievement of a specific conversion goal.

Example of Value Heatmap
Example of Value Heatmap

Let’s say that your main conversion goal is a monetary objective. When hovering an element on the webpage, you can immediately see how much this element helps reaching your goal.

But this can also be true when your goal is a non-monetary one, such as the fulfillment of a form. When hovering a text, a button, an image, or any other element on your webpage, you can immediately see the clicks these elements have generated with heatmaps. What’s more, you can see the % compared to the total number of clicks on the page, and then see the number of clicks leading to the conversion goal.

Example of Detailed Value Heatmap
Example of Detailed Value Heatmap

First, start by adding your own business indicators within BeamPulse. You can then see your personalized monetary values while hovering elements directly from the clicks heatmaps, on top of other generic KPIs.These values are the result of numeric values extraction of important pages, such as the amount of order of the cart page.The values you can see once hovering the bubbles represent the cumulated value for the element’s clicks.

How does values heatmaps work?

The configuration of this function is possible by the creation of extraction script of the values in the targeted webpages. Our dedicated Support team is here to help you set up this script. The values are then usable in several functionalities within the BeamPulse solution such as the clicks heatmap or the scroll heatmap. As lots of other functions in BeamPulse, the values are shown according to the selected segment.

The monetary values and A/B Testing

The monetary values can be integrated in A/B Testing campaign results. You thus obtain an additional graph, showing the evolution per day and per visit. The values heatmaps include two tools:

  • The possibility to select the variable that you want to see in the bubbles, among the generic variables and the monetary values that you may have defined for the project (as seen previously)
  • The coloration of the bubbles according to a gradation linked to their values.

Concretely speaking, a value heatmap (whether monetary or not), enables you to visualize the contribution of each element of your webpage to the achievement of a conversion goal. You have already understood it, you can setup the conversion goal as you want. (examples: turnover, number of viewed pages, average cart amount…).

This function will help you grow your behavioral analysis. Also, you may then use the other functions within BeamPulse to interact in real time with your visitors to lead them to the conversion.

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