Best of Breed Website Heatmaps
Put the light on your data 
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Forget about traditional web analytics!

With BeamPulse’s best of breed Website Heatmaps features, you can easily identify the hot spots and those of little interest, the potential bugs or sources of confusion, and the areas to optimize.

Think about website heatmaps as some kind of augmented reality for websites

Browsing data and business information are rendered as colored overlays placed over you pages elements, hence enabling to identify very rapidly and graphically the inconsistencies or potential issues in your website’s ergonomics.

  • Click density
  • Percentage of clicks
  • Confetti heatmaps
  • Scroll heatmaps
  • Conversion rates heatmaps
  • Heatmaps Exports
  • Animated heatmaps
  • A/B test heatmaps
Click density

Click Density Website Heatmaps

Click heatmaps show the level of interest of the different elements on a webpage thanks to a colour scale. Visualize the hot spots and the cold areas on your pages, potential bugs or confusion, for instance clicks on non clickable elements.

Website Click Density Heatmaps
Website Click Density Heatmaps
Percentage of clicks

Percentage of Clicks Website Heatmaps

This heatmap shows the number and the percentage of clicks on each element of a webpage. It is refreshed in real time for dynamic elements (sliders, drop-down menus or filters). Depending on your analysis, you can only display the items generating more than X % of clicks on the page, or even track the clicks of visitors who reached your conversion goal.

Website Click Percentage Heatmaps
Website Click Percentage Heatmaps
Confetti heatmaps

Confetti Website Heatmaps

Precisely visualize where your visitors have cliked. Compare on the same screen and with the same heatmap the behaviour of different segments that you have configured. Easily identify the high concentration of clicks and the cold areas.

Website Confetti Heatmaps
Website Confetti Heatmaps


Scroll heatmaps

Scroll Website Heatmaps

Precisely visualise how many visitors are scrolling till a specific content and thus how many are exposed to your messages. Optimize the placement of your key contents thanks to heatmaps, and mass the essential informations in the most visited zones of your pages. Adjust the length of your pages when a weak percentage of your visitors is scrolling till your footer.

Website Scroll Heatmaps
Website Scroll Heatmaps
Conversion rates heatmaps

Conversion Rates Website Heatmaps

Visualize directly on your website the contribution of each element of your webpages to a configured conversion goal.

Website Conversion Rates Value Heatmaps
Website Conversion Rates Value Heatmaps


Heatmaps Exports

Website Heatmaps Exports

Schedule a regular export from your essential heatmaps by email and/or in your dashboard. You can even send these exports to your colleagues who are not BeamPulse users.

Website Heatmaps Export History
Website Heatmaps Export History


Website Heatmaps Export Settings
Website Heatmaps Export Settings
Animated heatmaps

Animated Website Heatmaps

Play your heatmaps to visualize better the evolution over the time.

A/B test heatmaps

A/B Test Website Heatmaps

You have generated an A/B Testing campaign, with BeamPulse or even another A/B Testing solution ? You then get performance rate on the results of this campaign. How about visualizing where the A visitors are clicking versus the B visitors ?


Thanks to the power of realtime segmentation, your website heatmaps will be more than accurate! The clicks are displayed using different colors for your different segments so that you get all your data in one heatmap. Do not forget that by default, BeamPulse offers more than 50 criteria of segmentation which you can combine and personalize with your own data.

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