Website Optimization – The Mission of BeamPulse

BeamPulse is building online tools for website optimization. Those tools help webmasters improve conversion rates of their websites: in other words the ratio of visitors who reach the website goal.

Furthermore with BeamPulse you can solve the two major issues of website optimization:

  • -finding errors and snags
  • -solving those issues and this without IT involvement.

The Mission of BeamPulse is website optimization

Crossing the gaps of Analysis and Action with BeamPulse

Indeed BeamPulse is a realtime behavioral marketing solution delivered in SaaS mode which is therefore easy and quick to implement. Install a single JavaScript snippet on all your pages and you are done. As a result there is no need for painful manual tagging and no need to wait for your IT group. You master your entire website optimization process.

With BeamPulse you can observe, segment and stimulate visitors on your website in real-time. Hence – like a salesperson in a store – you can boost each single visitor. As a result, you will be getting better conversion rates in an easy and simple way.

Do not try to guess for website optimization

Website optimization is an on-going effort which you can best achieve when you get feedback about your actions. Therefore BeamPulse includes feedback control deep in their tools. As a result you will always know if your are making progress. Above all you will get accurate ROI data for all your website optimization actions.

Use intuitive web analytics tools from BeamPulse and focus on what matters most to boost your conversion rates. Get the best of web analytics without the hassle of statistics. See quickly what your visitors are doing. Optimizing websites is made easy with BeamPulse.

As a summary BeamPulse is all-inclusive solution for website optimization, which combines intuitive web-analytics tools with real-time personalization.

BeamPulse is a spinoff from IRIMAS – Université de Haute Alsace.

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